Delta Audio Shure Repairs

Discontinued Shure Products

We at Delta Audio pride ourselves in the quality of our repair service. Even though we are dealing with discontinued products, our factory trained technicians have been able to service approximately 90% of the equipment we have received.

Since we are also an authorized Shure dealer, we will work with you in upgrading your current system or providing optional components if your equipment cannot be repaired or if it would not be cost effective to do so.

We service the following Shure equipment

system image

Wireless Systems - EC, L, LX, SC, T, UT, PG, PGX series

bodypack image

Bodypacks (Lavalier) - EC1, L11, LX1, SC1, T1, UT1, PG1, PGX1

handheld image

Handheld Microphones - EC2, L2, LX2, SC2, T2, UT2, PG2, PGX2

Receiver image

Receivers - EC4, L4, LX4, SC4, T4, UT4A, PG4, PGX4


M67, M68, M68FC, M267, M268, AMS4000 and 8000

Portable (field) Mixers

FP31, FP32, FP32A, FP42


VA300-302, SR105, 1200

Wired Microphones

Most models

Special Services

Frequency/Crystal changes for the EC, L, LX, SC series systems
Elvis style #55 microphone rebuilds
Lavilier Mics- cable repair or mic/plug ends


If you have a discontinued Shure product or require a special service that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us.


Labor Rates


Minimum Service Charge/Diagnostics Fee - $65

There is a $65 diagnostic/bench fee applied to all units which includes return shipping via UPS ground.
This fee is only applied if no defect is found, if you don't want the repair done or if the repair cannot be done due to unavailability of parts or other circumstances, otherwise this fee is waived and is considered part of the repair price.

Wireless system components - from $135

Pricing is per component. For example a wireless component is one transmitter or one receiver.
You will only be charged for the component(s) that are serviced.

- Mixers - $125 to $250

- Field Mixers (FP Series) - from $325

- Wired microphones from $35

- Elvis style #55 microphone - $50 to $150

- Hourly Rate - $95 for custom work / modifications

- Prices include return shipment of repaired items via UPS ground

- We accept visa logo and Mastercard logo  No checks or money orders

- Prices subject to change without notice

Service Specifics


Turn around time

We strive to provide a relatively quick turn around time. However, since we are dealing with discontinued products, in some instances parts availability can slow the service time. We suggest that you have a backup system ready for any such instance.


Since we are dealing with discontinued products which are no longer serviced from Shure, our labor rates are slightly higher than those charged by the Shure Service Facility for recently manufactured products due to parts availability, general age and condition of the units and other special considerations.
Authorized Shure dealers can, in most cases, qualify for reduced service charges by entering their valid Shure Dealer number in the form below. Our service rates are based on a per unit charge as opposed to a usually more expensive hourly rate and include, at no extra charge, the replacement of individual small parts such as battery clips or pads, missing screws or basic electronic components such as resistors or capacitors, etc. There is an additional charge for larger quantities of small parts or larger components such as IC chips, circuit boards and new microphone heads or cases, etc.


We offer a 9 month warranty on Shure product repairs. This warranty covers the specific service that was provided and the parts related to that service only. Any subsequent defects not related to the original service that was done or those that occur due to misuse or abuse are not covered by this warranty.

Sending in your repair

Please include a copy of our Service Form inside the shipping container. If you don't have a printer, please enclose a letter containing the same information that is shown on the service form.
Make sure you package your equipment securely and include all appropriate components. BTW You don't need to send in your power supply unless that is a suspected problem which is very rare.

We strongly recommend that you send in any and all equipment related to your specific problem. As in the case of wireless microphone systems, a problem with the receiver can sometimes seem to be a problem with the microphone or vice versa. Sending in both components will allow us to test your complete system so we can make an accurate diagnosis and complete the necessary repair(s). You will also avoid the all too common problem of having to make a second shipment which will save you time and money in the long run. This will also help to minimize your downtime.

You will only be charged for the unit(s) that require servicing.

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