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A25D microphone mount picture A25D    Mic Holder

MSRP $6.00    Our Price $5.75

The A25D is a break resistant mount for the SM58, SM57, SM87A, Beta 87A and all other microphones with 3/4-inch and larger handles.

WA371 microphone mount picture WA371    Mic Holder

MSRP $8.00    Our Price $6.99

The WA371 is a break resistant mount for wireless microphones.

PS41US power supply picture PS41US    Power Supply

MSRP $24.00    Our Price $22.00

The Shure PS41US Power Supply (120V ac) is used for the Shure UC4, SCL, LX3, LX4, P4M, P4T, ULXS4, and ULXP4 wireless microphone receivers.

PS40 power supply picture PS40    Power Supply

MSRP $22.00    Our Price $18.00

Older version of the PS41US Power Supply (120V ac 600 ma), screw-on connector.

PS21US power supply picture PS21US    Power Supply

MSRP $11.00    Our Price $8.99

In-Line Power Supply (120V ac) for models 200M, FP22, FP24, FP33 mixers, the P4M and P4T PSM Receivers, and the PGX4, SLX4, T3, T4V, T4G, T4N, T88 and LX88 Wireless Receivers.

SFG-2 Tracking Force Gauge picture SFG-2    Tracking Force Gauge

MSRP $36.00    Our Price $32.00

The SFG-2 allows you to set the precise weight, or tracking force, that the tonearm places on the stylus needle. This will lower the stress on the needle and increase the life of both the needle and your records as well as deliver the best sound reproduction.