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Wireless Systems Selection and Operation

The purpose of this section is to provide the interested reader with adequate information to select suitable wireless equipment for a given application and to use that equipment successfully. In addition, it is hoped that the fundamentals presented here will equip regular users of wireless with a framework to assist in their further understanding of this evolving technology. See PDF file


Without getting too technical, this section presents a series of good practices for most typical wireless audio applications. Note that these recommendations only apply to professional wireless systems with detachable antennas. For entry-level systems with permanently affixed antennas, antenna distribution and remote antenna mounting are simply not possible. See PDF file

Houses of Worship

To hear the word, is to see the light. The importance of capturing and reproducing good audio is always critical for houses of worship. Wireless microphone systems and in ear monitor systems facilitate flexible worship environments, improve performance in challenging acoustic environments, and can help create the desired worship experience.See PDF file

Personal Monitor Systems

This section gives a short history of monitoring, and describes in detail the benefits of using personal monitors. It also provides specific information on choosing the proper system to meet your needs, and the various ways personal monitor systems can be configured. See PDF file