About Us

Delta Audio was formed in 1985 when Richard Bonomo, the owner of a bicycle store called Roberts Cycle, wanted to expand with a new business to compensate for the drop in cycling business which occurred every winter.
Since Mr. Bonomo as well as two employees, Kris Petersen and David Kramer, were all eduated at DeVry, he decided to open a department dealing in electronic repairs and call it Delta Audio.

Mr. Bonomo had worked for Shure Brothers, a professional sound industry giant, for a number of years. As with most electronics manufacturers, service on older product models which were no longer being sold was discontinued. This left a niche for Delta Audio to fill. We have evolved into specializing in the repair of discontinued Shure products.

These products range from Shure Wireless Microphone Systems to wired microphones, mixers and more. We have serviced Shure products from all across the country including Alaska and Hawaii. Mr. Petersen is the main technician and Paul Miller who joined us many years ago handles our shipping, social media and advertising departments.